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In an earlier post (about the sublime book/exhibit Alexander McQueen: Savage Beauty) I said that my style was beat — as in the Beat Generation.  Jeans, boots, t-shirts — nothing fancy or frilly.  But “beat” wasn’t quite right.  Then a friend told me about the blog Tomboy Style and I thought, this could be it.

For a long time — though my late 20s and into my 30s — I  liked what I called a “kiddish” element to my look.  I came up with “kiddish” because of some confusion a friend had when I asked her if she thought I dressed too young.  Young to her meant sexy and there’s no way my kiddishness was sexy.  Exhibit A: little Keen sneakers.

(Not sexy.)

So I retired my little Keen sneakers, but I kept my Converse.

(I persuaded myself that these look more European than kiddish.)

My rule now, though, is (more…)


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