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A few posts ago (Schedules) I wrote about my day as a mother.  This morning I’ve been wondering what my twins’ day is like.

Wake up a little confused — how is it you were just running on a sidewalk and now you’re in your crib?  No matter — there’s your partner in crime just a few feet away, also waking up.  Start making what Mom calls “happy baby sounds.”  Then — just for fun — start screaming in a super-high happy squealy way until Dad staggers in.  Grab the top of the crib rail and bounce up and down with joy.  Surrender pacifier willingly.  Submit to a diaper change reluctantly.  Suck down eight ounces of bottle and feel a vague reminisce of what it was like to be a little little baby.  Point to toes on request.

Into the Kingdom!  Spend a long trance-like session stacking rings.  Run back and forth laughing.  Knock over anything that’s stacked.  Crash into beanbag chair.  Laugh.  Crash into fellow twin.  Cry.  Drag toy frog around.  Look under crib for missing ball.  Chew on stuffed bear.  Chew on block.  Chew on ring-stacking spindle.

Someone’s at the door.  (more…)


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The twins’ first birthday was last week.  The baby book I’ve been using (Your Baby’s First Year Week by Week) had all kinds of party-planning questions leading up to the big day — How will you decorate?  What kind of refreshments will you serve?  Will you invite adults as well as children? — but we decided to keep it small and simple.  Grandparents, Mediterranean take-out, a fancy Whole Foods cake for the adults, two fancy Whole Foods cupcakes for the twins and, of course, as many presents as the parents would allow.

These were the twins’ favorites:

Hide N Squeak Eggs  The best!  They have shells that come off (the top part, anyway), shapes on the bottom and in the carton to use for sorting, and when you press down on the colored part … they squeak!  Then one twin discovered a bonus round: if you hold the top down and blow through the bottom hole, they whistle.  (It’s been a very whistley few days.)

Earlyears Lil’ Shopper Play Set Most excellent.  We liked the little lettuce head the best, but the twins liked (more…)

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The twins’ first birthday is next week, and it got me thinking about the past year not only in terms of memories, but also in terms of stuff.

When I was pregnant I had the enormous good fortune to have a friend with a two-year-old and a fetus that was one month older than my twins. She gave me fabulous advice as to baby gear, and many of these items have been tested by all four of these babies! Of course, these are just recommendations. Get what you feel you need, skip what you don’t. And enjoy!

One other thing I recommend is to join Amazon Mom — especially if you have a c-section, twins or any other reason (uh, like a newborn!) why it’s hard to get out and about. They offer three months of FREE two-day shipping, 20% off diapers and wipes which are auto-delivered to your doorstep (with Subscribe & Save) and other promotions geared toward parents. If you right-click on any of the images or links below, you can open a new tab or window showing you the item on Amazon.

Brass-tacks basics: what we found we really needed

  • A diaper pail

Baby Trend Diaper Champ Deluxe, Blue What makes this great is that you can use ANY bag as a liner. Also comes in pink.


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