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Last night I watched Who Does She Think She Is?, a documentary about women who are artists — and mothers.

I put off watching this film because I was still in a Plath-y state of mind and I didn’t want to be further discouraged.  I was pretty sure that a documentary like this wouldn’t end in, say, a whole bunch of affairs and breakdowns and suicides — but I wasn’t sure enough.  Still, last night I hit “play.”

The film was honest.  It’s hard to be an artist.  It’s hard to be a mother.  And it’s really hard to be both at the same time. (more…)


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What made me do it?  Google “twin skin” and compare my post-baby belly to theirs?

If you, dear reader, Google “twin skin” (or click here) you will see what carrying two babies at a time can do to your abdomen.  None of these pictures is of me.  I have no desire to add my belly to the bunch — or compare mine with others.  So why did I do it?

When I was pregnant I looked fairly monstrous.  Each twin weighed over seven pounds so I was carrying over 15 pounds of baby, plus all their accoutrements.  That’s a lot!  Now the twins are nearly a year old and I’m pretty much back to normal.  Everything but the belly, which I think looks like a cross between a brain coral and a yeast dough.

Sometimes I care deeply about this.  Other times I’m too busy living life instead of fretting about the state of my stomach.  If I complain about it, others think (more…)

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