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I’ve been working working working so hard lately that I haven’t had time to write a post.  However, some of my earlier hard work has paid off!

Later this month I’ll have an essay in Propeller.  Meanwhile, you can read these excellent offerings from their fall issue:

St. Elmo’s Fire. Did we ever really wear anything even close to that? From propellermag.com.

Then, in November, (more…)


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All this past weekend I couldn’t stop thinking about schedules.  The word schedule comes from the Latin schedula or “slip of paper,” a diminutive of scheda, from the Greek skhedē, meaning “papyrus leaf.”  I like that its origins have to do with plants and paper — and writing.

If you read my last post (Take your twins to work — every day) you know that I’ve been struggling with balancing writing and twin-care.  The twins are on a pretty set schedule — wake up, bottle, play, nap, breakfast, play, walk, lunch, nap, play, dinner, walk, play, bottle, bed.  Could I sum up my day in the same simple way? (more…)

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