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Books to read if

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Pam Houston’s contents may have shifted … and so have mine.

The book Contents May Have Shifted: A Novel claims to be a novel right there in its subtitle, but there are many parallels between the main character’s life and the author’s — to start with, both are named Pam.  Both teach writing (sometimes at a university and sometimes in the wild), both have wild adventures (and by “wild” I mean frequently accompanied by grizzly bears) and both appear to be working to find some kind of balance between home and away, commitment and freedom, stability and adventure, love and the self.

I stopped reading this book as a novel and started reading it as a memoir (fair or not) when the character Pam started to interact with other writers, writers I know through graduate school or conferences or readings, and Fenton became real-life Fenton Johnson to me, and Joy became real-life poet Joy Harjo and Barry became real-life Barry Lopez.  (Of course, I could be completely wrong about these associations, but that’s what they became for me.)

The story is told (more…)

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