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Remodeling our kitchen changed my life.

But before this causes confusion, let me show you exactly what the addition looks like:

This is a KidKraft Cook Together Kitchen and it keeps my sous chefs very happy!

(If you’re thinking about a play kitchen of your own, this one is a bit of a chore to put together, but the instructions are the best I’ve seen for this sort of thing and — if you’re like us — you probably have some Ikea allen-wrenching under your belt — which makes the whole task a piece of cake.)

Many, many thanks to my dear friend who got this for us.  She had loved her own play kitchen as a child and insisted on getting one for the twins.  We — my friend and I — spent considerable time online looking at play foods with which to stock said kitchen.  One twin seems to like carbs (the slice of bread, the pile of spaghetti), while the other little carnivore favors waving the grilled chicken breast around; they squabble over the glass of milk (which they pretend to sip and then bust out with a big “ahhhh” of satisfaction) (it’s pretty adorable).

Now when the twins finish eating breakfast I close the kitchen doors and let them loose, dodge the little chairs they like to push around — and their walker-cart, often full of plush vegetable toys and sometimes a stowaway monkey — and (more…)


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A friend of mine recently turned me on to kombucha.  (See Small talk and pickled grapes for the story of my introduction.)  Kombucha is a fermented tea drink that left me deeply skeptical until I had actually some.  It was light, mildly sweet, nicely tangy, and I immediately became a convert.  I don’t care so much about its possible health claims; it just tastes good.  (For The New York Times‘s take on kombucha, click here.)

(Here are two bottled versions you might be able to find at a store.  You can try it before committing to make your own!)

This same friend also introduced me to the concept of pickling grapes, which I actually did — even though I thought that with 15-month-old twins I’d have neither the time nor the inclination for this kind of project.  But (more…)

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