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About a month ago a friend and I were talking about a photograph taken at Grrls Meat Camp, a gathering where women spend a week learning how to butcher animals.  The photo was of a woman butcher wearing a fleece, an apron and sunglasses gesturing to a beef hip.  I made a joke about hipness — was she giving a lesson in how to handle a beef hip, or how to be hip while handing beef? This led to a discussion about the term “hip.”  I had thought it was a neutral term, but my friend thought it was too close to “hipster,” which has grown to have more negative connotations.  I debated this, and my jury was still out when I read this article in this Sunday’s New York Times: “How to Live without Irony.”

From “How to Live without Irony.” http://opinionator.blogs.nytimes.com

I think my favorite quote is:

[The hipster] harvests awkwardness and self-consciousness.

A hipster isn’t just awkward and self-conscious (much of the time I fear I am both of those things) but he harvests it.  He (more…)


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Yesterday I went to one of my city’s “citier” neighborhoods.  I browsed through the Tibet store looking for a silk scarf.  I poked around the African store admiring their many drums.  I prowled through the used bookstore and bought a bunch of quirky postcards that I want to keep more than send.  Then I sat in a cafe for a good hour eating guava cream-cheese puffs and drinking lattes.  I wrote a little in my journal, but mostly I people-watched.

I still have fashion and style on my mind, and I observed something that led to a theory that I look forward to testing during future people-watching sessions, especially at urban cafes:

I think (more…)

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