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Today, for the first time in a long time, I have the house to myself.  The twins are off with their father, visiting their grandparents and running around their yard, picking daffodils and petting the pink lawn flamingos that are just the right height.  I am at my desk wondering what to do next.  I skipped my morning shower (I can take it this afternoon without being ambushed by an impromptu anatomy lesson), I drank my first pot of tea, I ate gingersnaps for breakfast and a plate of buttery fried potatoes for lunch.  I finished my book review for the upcoming inaugural print issue of Equals.  I read some of Andrew McCarthy’s book The Longest Way Home.

Wild times.

I cooked on one of the front burners and no one reached for the flames.  I got something out of the hall closet and left the door open but (more…)


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Around three o’clock this afternoon I posted a question on Facebook:

How long CAN you fool around on the Internet before settling down to work?

The answer is (unsurprisingly) quite a while.

At first I was groaning that I had spent so much time poking around online, but then I decided to rename this rudderless surfing “intellectual puttering.”  I haven’t done any formal reading or research, but I’ve learned quite a lot of stuff.  For example:

  • In other news, I also learned that conjoined twins Chang and Eng married a pair of sisters and, evidently, had quite a lot of (more…)

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