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I’m writing this in response to Time magazine’s latest cover:

And I’m going to take a gamble and claim that anyone who is reading this blog and who is also a mother is indeed MOM ENOUGH.

The woman is Jamie Lynne Grumet (26) and the boy is her son Aram (3+).  It’s unfortunate that Time chose such a provocative (in pretty much all senses of the word) cover shot.  Grumet is young and attractive; her blog title is “I Am Not the Babysitter,” which can’t help but call attention to her to her youth and attractiveness, but her blog is about her “transracial family by way of birth and adoption,” so I’m sure she’s been asked).  And Grumet can’t help but be young and attractive.  But did she have to be styled in such a way that her hip is cocked and her chest thrust out (breast-feeding mechanics aside)?  I fear the humor folks who make half the things you see on Pinterest are going to have a field day with this. (more…)


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