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I’ve been reading Bitter Fame, a biography of Sylvia Plath.

This is not a very smart thing to do — read anything about or by Sylvia Plath — when you are feeling a bit imbalanced yourself.  I remember reading The Bell Jar while staying with my then-boyfriend’s parents in Phoenix, a city I had never been to before, which I found ordered in its geography but almost anarchic due to the heat: big mistake.  Reading the story of Esther Greenwood’s encroaching madness made me almost as anti-social and rude as Plath was said to be in her last few years.

Reading Bitter Fame now is a very different experience.  (more…)


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I’m still new to being a “writing mother.”  So new that I feel like I have to put the term in quotes.

When the twins and I first came home from the hospital I had a surprising amount of time to write — in my journal, at least.  I was recovering from a C-section and had an enormous amount of help.  (What was unhelpful was doctors telling me not to lift anything heavier than a coffee cup — right after they’ve delivered me of seven-plus-pound twins.  Yes — seven-plus pounds.  Each.)  (Rather more than a coffee cup, no?)

I spent long stretches of time lying in bed, propped up with pillows and balancing my laptop on my knees.  I was encouraged to do this.  And it was wonderful.  Who knew I’d look back on those weeks of recovery (which had its not-so-pleasant side, believe me) with envy?

After six weeks I was deemed fit — and the real project of motherhood began.  (more…)

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Last night was the last episode of the current season of Downton Abbey.  There’s a season three, but it’s months and months away.  What to do to tide you over?

In my last Downton Abbey post I wrote about being a mother to baby twins, and how it felt like living in another, slower century — not much happened, but there was lots of time to ruminate about what did.  It reminded me of drawing room life, which is what I propose to return to — at least a little bit — in honor of dear Downton.

But I don’t have sisters or servants and I don’t play bridge.  So I think I’ll curl up on my non-silk sofa with a good book instead.

Perhaps I’ll choose …


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Reading, with eleven month old twins??  Yes!  During naps, in the evenings, on weekends.  Here are some micro-reviews of my favorite books from their first (almost) year.

Short stories (great when you’re constantly interrupted!):

A collection of stories that capture the end of innocence or the end of eras, but beauty and mystery tinge the darkest moments.
by Steven Millhauser

Odd, quirky, realistically-supernatural stories that invoke a sense of wistful nostalgia even when set in the present time.


Novels: (more…)

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