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There should be a long German word that means “hungover from staying up late watching Wagner’s Ring Cycle on PBS.”  Like, Ringnachtfernsehenüberbleibselaus or something.  That’s definitely my word of the day.

Wotan and Brunnhilde. Photo: Ken Howard/Metropolitan Opera. From PBS.org.

I’m not a fan of opera — not in the least.  But for some (masochistic?) reason I’ve always wanted to see Wagner’s Ring Cycle — the whole thing, preferably back-to-back-to-back-to-back.  When I found out last year that the Met was going to offer just that, I was both thrilled and crushed — at the time I was either massively pregnant with twins or completely exhausted with twin newborns and there was no way I was going to find the time or stamina for four nights of opera in New York City.

But then PBS offered just what I wanted: four nights of the Ring Cycle, viewable from the comfort of my own living room.  I realize that this is in no way comparable to seeing The Ring live, but I think I’m rather glad.  It turns out that it’s quite a lovely thing to lie on a couch eating lowbrow Cheetos watching Bryn Terfel sings his lungs out for hours and hours.

You can find all kinds of information and video clips at PBS’s Great Performance’s website but here are a few highlights: (more…)


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Over the course of our move, over the length of last weekend (and a bit beyond) we’ve been without internet access.  I’ve been amazed at how irritating this is, and how dependent I’ve become on the web.

I’ve written before about wanting to try some “drawing room evenings” – evenings where my husband and I don’t collapse in front of the TV but play dominoes or put together a puzzle or read or talk.  But after long days taking care of the twins, TV starts to sing its siren call, and I try to rationalize succumbing to it by only watching PBS (Nature; American Experience; American Masters; Masterpiece Theater – anything but Antiques Roadshow, a Peter Paul and Mary concert or some kind of lecture about losing weight or gaining income).  I love PBS … but it’s still TV.

Unfortunately, hooking up our TV was easy – plug in socket, antenna towards window: done.  (We don’t get cable — on purpose.)  But getting internet access was dependent on our “provider.”  (Provider – I love it.  It’s like Pa from Little House on the Prairie bringing home deer and building houses … only not.)


The first night I was annoyed.  I wanted to (more…)

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So this is a very basic truth that all of you know, but many of you (like me, a year or so ago) may have forgotten: You can read books from the nearest library … FOR FREE!

I say this because in the spirit of clutter-clearing, I’ve stopped buying a lot of books and started reading them through my local library.  Then I buy the ones I truly love and will want read again.  (I’m against clutter, but I’m definitely for the book industry.)

Click here to search for a public library near you — just enter your zipcode!

It may not be as fancy as the Library of Congress …

(L.o.C. Reading Room)

… but (more…)

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I wish we had a piano.

If we had a piano I feel like I could skip watching TV and have Jane-Austen, George-Eliot, Downton-Abbey kinds of evenings.  My husband and I would sit around, listen to one of us play music, read books, play cards, gossip about our neighbors and relations, and take periodic turns about the room.

For someone who thinks she’s against TV, I watch rather a lot of it.  Not even close to the national average of 4+ hours a day*, but still — more than I’d care to admit.  But at the end of the day, after taking care of lovely but often wild eleven-month-old twins, and trying to cram writing and blogging and household chores into their nap times, I’m often too tired to do much else — at least on weekdays.  Maybe I can have drawing room evenings on the weekends …

The twins don’t watch TV.  We’ve had PBS on only rarely.  One twin got deeply into (more…)

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