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I did it.  I went to see the Cindy Sherman retrospective at the MoMA — and I’m so glad I did.  I’m also glad I took a long train ride and looked out the window,

ate pricey-but-tasty bruschetta and soup at the museum cafe,

shopped (mostly window-) along Fifth Avenue,

and wore cute boots that left me only a little bit footsore at the end of the day.

It rained the whole time but I didn’t care.

The exhibit was terrific.  If you have any kind of interest in Cindy Sherman (more…)


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For Mother’s Day my beloved spouse got me the book Cindy Sherman: The Complete Untitled Film Stills.

In many ways this is a completely normal gift — I’ve always loved Cindy Sherman (well, except maybe her vomit-scapes, but overall: very much).  But in one way it feels odd.  Cindy Sherman — for Mother’s Day.  It’s not that Cindy Sherman was or wasn’t a mother — it’s that she embodies so many different people.

The bulk of Sherman’s work is (more…)

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