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I sent a bunch of stuff out recently — grant applications, a couple of essays, a magazine pitch — and now I’m waiting.  Show business is supposedly the hurry-up-and-wait industry, but writing is rather similar.  Although it’s more work-your-soul-to-shreds-and-wait.  There isn’t all that much hurrying involved.

I’ve worked my heart out, and some of my other organs — my stamina as well — and now I’m waiting.

Weird things can happen during this interval.  You become (more…)


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If you read my last post — I quit — you probably knew I didn’t really mean it.  Or that I meant it at the time but I was  more on strike than actually quitting.  As someone posted on my Facebook page, “Good luck darlin’. You can’t escape what you are.”  And of course he was right.

Last night I went to the Cathedral Crossroads program at The National Cathedral.  There is a labyrinth to walk, a Celtic harp to listen to, and an hour-long program that might be about spiritual writing, dance, meditation or nature.  I didn’t want to do much.  Just sit quietly, watch from a distance and let the harp gently pluck away my feelings of rejection, rebellion, and vague embarrassment at having thrown a tantrum on my blog.

Labyrinth at the National Cathedral. From http://www.nationalcathedral.org.

Then, for the first time ever, (more…)

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I quit

Last night I quit.  No more writing.  No more draining myself — exsanguinating myself — to take care of the twins five days a week and then try to wring out writing on nights and weekends.

What prompted this resolution?  A rejection.  Sent by e-mail.  At 9:30.  On a Sunday night.

During regular business hours I’m steeled for rejection.  It’s a (sadly large) part of (pretty much) every writer’s life.  But when I thought I’d check e-mail one last time before heading to bed I was not prepared for the ambush in my in-box.  I actually wasn’t prepared for this rejection at all.  I had a good feeling — a great feeling — about sending this particular piece to that particular place.  But I was wrong.  Form-letter-rejection wrong.  So I quit.

I lay in bed for a good three hours wide awake and (more…)

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