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I’m behind the trend in reading Fifty Shades of Grey but I’ve been reading other stuff (see the “Books I love” box to the right) and doing other things (like raising a pair of wild 16-month-old twins).  But there was some chat about Fifty Shades among my Facebook friends recently, which prompted me to write this post.  In this case, one woman’s trash is definitely another woman’s treasure — and another woman’s “whatever.”



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And by “Girls” I mean the HBO series written and directed by Lena Dunham.

I don’t get HBO — I don’t get cable at all — so I’ve only seen on episode, by chance, in a hotel room.  My reaction was mixed.  It was funny and painful and truthful and sad and ridiculous and unrealistic — all at the same time.

It’s a show about four girls living in New York — out of college and one of them newly out of money — her internship is unpaid and her parents have just cut her off financially and she only has four essays finished out of her nine-essay memoir which, she believes, will make her the voice of her generation.  “Or at least, a generation… somewhere,” she fumbles.  The girls mostly deal with boys — a too-good boyfriend who becomes a turn-off (because he’s too good) and a not-really-a-boyfriend who, despite all the sex that happens, never seems to turn his not-girlfriend on.  There’s one amusingly meta moment when one character explains Sex in the City to another, and even assigns them combo-packs of Carrie/Samantha/Miranda personas* (one with “Charlotte” hair). (more…)

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