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chewed up bendy straws

A list of things I have found in the bathroom — mostly on the closed toilet seat lid — after the twins (not quite two-and-a-half) have been there:

  • a small stuffed owl
  • a handful of bendy straws, chewed
  • two bendy straws and a plastic pot
  • a ladybug scooter and a book about the letter Z
  • a plastic snake
  • a pile of shredded toilet paper
  • an empty paper towel tube
  • a set of toy keys
  • a set of real keys
  • two unused (more…)

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A few posts ago (Schedules) I wrote about my day as a mother.  This morning I’ve been wondering what my twins’ day is like.

Wake up a little confused — how is it you were just running on a sidewalk and now you’re in your crib?  No matter — there’s your partner in crime just a few feet away, also waking up.  Start making what Mom calls “happy baby sounds.”  Then — just for fun — start screaming in a super-high happy squealy way until Dad staggers in.  Grab the top of the crib rail and bounce up and down with joy.  Surrender pacifier willingly.  Submit to a diaper change reluctantly.  Suck down eight ounces of bottle and feel a vague reminisce of what it was like to be a little little baby.  Point to toes on request.

Into the Kingdom!  Spend a long trance-like session stacking rings.  Run back and forth laughing.  Knock over anything that’s stacked.  Crash into beanbag chair.  Laugh.  Crash into fellow twin.  Cry.  Drag toy frog around.  Look under crib for missing ball.  Chew on stuffed bear.  Chew on block.  Chew on ring-stacking spindle.

Someone’s at the door.  (more…)

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All this past weekend I couldn’t stop thinking about schedules.  The word schedule comes from the Latin schedula or “slip of paper,” a diminutive of scheda, from the Greek skhedē, meaning “papyrus leaf.”  I like that its origins have to do with plants and paper — and writing.

If you read my last post (Take your twins to work — every day) you know that I’ve been struggling with balancing writing and twin-care.  The twins are on a pretty set schedule — wake up, bottle, play, nap, breakfast, play, walk, lunch, nap, play, dinner, walk, play, bottle, bed.  Could I sum up my day in the same simple way? (more…)

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Way back in November I read a New York Times article called Sleep Medication: Mother’s New Little Helper.  In November the twins were around six months old.  They were sleeping though the night and so was I.

Dear reader, forgive me, but I thought the whole sleepless mom thing was kind of BS.  Not if they were sleepless because they were dealing with 2am feedings, but sleepless they couldn’t stop thinking about things?  Really?

Note to self (and others): when you’re very new to a large and long-established group — like moms  — do not judge them until you have been a member of said group for longer than six months — or six years, or sixteen — or even then!  You have little idea what you’re in for, so stay open to what might be around the corner.

What was around the corner for me was — surprise! — insomnia.


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A week before I started this blog I read this article in the New York Times parenting blog Motherlode: Blogging Makes New Moms Happier.  Here’s a taste of it:

Blogging may make new mothers feel happier. Fellow mothers, do you remember that feeling of isolation that came with staying at home, alone, with that tiny, needy, crying, confusing baby they handed you at the hospital? Fathers, if you took on the primary caregiving role solo, for months or years, you can’t possibly have forgotten that sense of being stranded on an island of Cheerios and Raffi music …

Knowing I wasn’t alone in finding something I’d wanted so much to then be so hard was more help than I can express …

Feeling happier as a new mom — that’s what what pushed me to take the plunge into blogging.

I had been — and must remind myself that I still am — a pens-and-paper kind of writer.  Sure I used a computer, but I also liked to hand-write with a fountain pen (nothing pretentious, just a Lamy Safari filled with a plum-burgundy ink) (well, that last part might seem pretentious, but it’s what I like, OK?).  I had published in a few literary journals and set my sights on a book with an independent or university press.  Blogging seemed — I don’t know — too frivolous and too technically advanced at the same time.

Lamy Safari

But then I had twins.  (more…)

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Understatement: It’s hard to be a writer when you’re the mother of one-year-old twins.

I knew, of course, that when I had a baby I would have less time for myself. When I found out I was having twins I knew that I would have next to no time for myself. And I had heard that mothers of young children yearn desperately for “adult” conversation, and often fall into baby-talk when they finally engage in some. I had known and heard and pretty much accepted all of this beforehand. Then I started living it.


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Are the twins getting too … feral?  They play so well by themselves in their little Twin Kingdom (click here for some before-and-after pictures) that some days they’re in each other’s company far more than in mine.

They love to put blocks in a box and then take them out again.  They love to take rings off a column and (sometimes) stack them up again.  They like to whistle through their Hide N Squeak Eggs and pound on the big cardboard box that serves as their twin cave and  “dance” to reggae and Latin music and walk around with rubber frogs sticking out of their mouths.  Sometimes I spy on them (more…)

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