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Yesterday my beloved spouse and I left our progeny in the excellent care of their granddad and spent the day with friends in the country.  It was so lovely — the smell of piney woods, mown grass, cedar trees; riding on ATVs; discovering a tiny fawn curled up at the base of a tree; hunting mosses and lichens; playing music; drinking wine at dusk; watching explosions of fireflies at dark.

“A Young Couple Catching Fireflies at Night”

(Not us!  We were much more casually dressed …)

It was such a beautiful day — and exactly what we both needed: to get out of the city, to get away from the twins (in the nicest possible way), to spend time with each other and with good friends, to eat good food (including the pickled grapes I had made!), to have good conversation, and to have some adventures.

As we were walking at dusk, we talked a bit about city life vs. country living.  Most of us had spent most of our adult lives in cities, including New York, which always feels to me like the citiest of cities.  But here I have to pause at my own word choice: city life, country living.  Is there a difference between life and living?  Does the city have (more…)


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