Hello, dear Hatchery readers.

As you know, I’m not posting to this blog as regularly as I used to — largely because my writing energies have been going into essays and reviews that are being published by others, both online and in print.  If you want to keep reading about “writing, babies, ideas, plans,” please consider following my writing website, www.randonbillingsnoble.com.

My latest news there includes the publication of the essay “Stripped Down and Redressed,” which is about shopping for maternity clothes … as well as figuring out how to clothe the post-pregnancy body.  Hope you take a look!

And, as always, thanks for reading.


Hello, dear Hatchery readers!

My short piece on the ups and downs of being a writing parent, “The View from Here,” is up on Literary Mamma’s “After Page One” series … and you can read it here!

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I’m very pleased to announce that my post “Fall at Steepletop” (which is about Edna St. Vincent Millay, her house Steepletop, and the Millay Colony for the Arts) is live at Superstition Review’s blog!

Millay barn with goldenrod

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Last night I led a short workshop on “Writing the Spiritual Journey” as part of the Cathedral Crossroads program at the Washington National Cathedral.


Cathedral Crossroads happens the last Tuesday of every month.  You can come walk the labyrinth, attend a program (like “Writing the Spiritual Journey”) and then Continue Reading »

Millay, Millay

I have just come back from a glorious two-week residency at the Millay Colony for the Arts.

Millay sign

The Colony began in 1973 on the estate of the poet Edna St. Vincent Millay, nearly 25 years after her death.  The barn that Millay and her husband built was converted into artists’ studios.  Forty years later, I wrote in one of them.

Millay barn with goldenrod

Studio Barn at the Millay Colony.

If I felt like a change of scene I could Continue Reading »

… for hot summer days” is a review I wrote of …

The review is up at Equals, and you can read it by clicking here. Continue Reading »

chewed up bendy straws

A list of things I have found in the bathroom — mostly on the closed toilet seat lid — after the twins (not quite two-and-a-half) have been there:

  • a small stuffed owl
  • a handful of bendy straws, chewed
  • two bendy straws and a plastic pot
  • a ladybug scooter and a book about the letter Z
  • a plastic snake
  • a pile of shredded toilet paper
  • an empty paper towel tube
  • a set of toy keys
  • a set of real keys
  • two unused Continue Reading »
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