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chewed up bendy straws

A list of things I have found in the bathroom — mostly on the closed toilet seat lid — after the twins (not quite two-and-a-half) have been there:

  • a small stuffed owl
  • a handful of bendy straws, chewed
  • two bendy straws and a plastic pot
  • a ladybug scooter and a book about the letter Z
  • a plastic snake
  • a pile of shredded toilet paper
  • an empty paper towel tube
  • a set of toy keys
  • a set of real keys
  • two unused (more…)

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My short series of pregnancy cartoons, “Bye-Bye Brain,” is up at Sweet: A Literary Confection!  They’re under “Graphic Nonfiction,” a new thing for me.  And no, that doesn’t mean X-rated stuff.  Maybe R.  But it is nonfiction: all the quotes are things people actually said to me.

Here’s the first panel:

2 Bye-bye brain

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The twins are talking more and more, and stringing words together into almost-sentences.  They’re still big into nouns (like sock or shoe) and prepositions that are really commands (like on! or off!) but a few verbs are sneaking in (like sit and eat).  The word of the week, however, is an adjective: tiny.

I introduced it to describe an almost invisible scratch that was being presented to me with lots of drama as a boo-boo.  I said yes, but it’s a tiny boo-boo — not so bad.  And “tiny boo-boo” stuck.

It’s only been a few days but now all kinds of boo-boos are tiny, a speck of food on the high chair tray is tiny, and a little picture of a dinosaur on the spine of a board book is tiny.  But what I’m really impressed with is (more…)

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Two pees in a pod

So after that last post you might be expecting something big and revolutionary.  I kind of am too … but the more I think about it the more intimidating the prospect becomes and the less inclined I am to write anything at all.  So instead I’m going to write about what’s on my mind and if it turns into something counter-cultural and grand, great.  But today, at least, I don’t think it will.  What’s on my mind is pee.

The twins — not yet two — seem to want to start potty training.  Although “training” is hardly the right word for it.  They like to (more…)

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Since the twins were born — nearly 22 months ago — I’ve been living in the present.  I can’t fret too much about what the future holds when each day is crammed with so many challenges and triumphs — both theirs as growing homo sapiens and mine as a mother and a writer.  Many of my friends have praised this living-in-the-present, some even calling it a spiritual practice.  That’s all been very nice — until I got sacked by a terrible head cold.

It’s “just” a cold, but a stubborn and lingering one.  And (more…)

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Last night I watched the last episode of the HBO miniseries Mildred Pierce.

Kate Winslet as Mildred Pierce.  From wordandfilm.com.

At first it took me a while to get into it.  I had seen the original, but quite a long time ago, so I both remembered it and didn’t.  Occasionally a shot would jump out at me — or a particular dress — and I would think, yes, I’ve seen that before.  But my memory was so hazy that it was almost as if I were watching the film for the first time.   I knew the basic plot — the increasingly poisonous relationship between Mildred and her daughter — and I remembered the dramatic ending … but Todd Haynes and Jon Raymond’s adaptation finishes quite differently in terms of plot, even as it keeps the original’s sentiment.

What made me (more…)

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It’s a heavy, grey, drizzly day and nothing special is happening.

Well, nothing happily special.  It’s not exactly special that my beloved spouse pulled his back and has been unable to pick up the twins for several days.  It’s not exactly special that one twin decided that now is the time for acute separation anxiety — from her dad.  It’s not exactly special that our house has been full of toddler wails and adult frustration and guilt.  But it’s something.

“Special” comes from the Latin for “species.”  I’ve been feeling more and more like a hybrid species these days — like an (more…)

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