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At last!  My piece, “Fluttering at the Margins,” is up on HER KIND, A BLOG POWERED BY VIDA: WOMEN IN LITERARY ARTS.  It’s about twins and bats and writing and parenting and biography and Facebook and becoming an essayist and the extinction of the dinosaurs.

It’s the piece I read at The Virginia Center for the Creative Arts last month:

Me reading at VCCA. Costarring: CHEEZ-ITS!  (Photo by Mary Akers.)

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I’m supposed to be packing for our upcoming move … but instead I’ve been reading Wolf Hall.  When I was in residence at the Virginia Center for the Creative Arts (a lovely place to go if you are a writer, artist or composer), writer Pam Durban recommended it to me.  It’s taken me years to finally read it, but I’m so glad I did.

What a terrific book!  It tells the story of Thomas Cromwell, who rose from obscurity (he was a blacksmith’s son — his enemies at court never let him forget it) to be Henry VIII’s chief minister during the king’s turbulent divorce from Catherine of Aragon, his subsequent marriage to Anne Boleyn, the execution of Thomas More and various misadventures after that.  (more…)

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