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Hello, dear Hatchery readers!

My short piece on the ups and downs of being a writing parent, “The View from Here,” is up on Literary Mamma’s “After Page One” series … and you can read it here!

In other news, (more…)


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A friend of mine posted a picture from VCCA and it made me long to be back there.  VCCA stands for the Virginia Center for the Creative Arts.  It’s an artists colony in the middle of Virginia at the foot of the Blue Ridge Mountains and is one of the more magical places I have ever been to.

The light across the fields at the end of the day.

The evening light across the fields at VCCA.

The first time I went was about this time of year and I wrote about it in an essay I called “Flight” but which The Millions retitled “A Hybrid, Trapped” — they published it earlier this month and (more…)

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Today, for the first time in a long time, I have the house to myself.  The twins are off with their father, visiting their grandparents and running around their yard, picking daffodils and petting the pink lawn flamingos that are just the right height.  I am at my desk wondering what to do next.  I skipped my morning shower (I can take it this afternoon without being ambushed by an impromptu anatomy lesson), I drank my first pot of tea, I ate gingersnaps for breakfast and a plate of buttery fried potatoes for lunch.  I finished my book review for the upcoming inaugural print issue of Equals.  I read some of Andrew McCarthy’s book The Longest Way Home.

Wild times.

I cooked on one of the front burners and no one reached for the flames.  I got something out of the hall closet and left the door open but (more…)

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I haven’t been posting as much here as I usually do, but that’s because I’ve been writing writing writing — and my hard work has been paying off!

Here’s a little happy horn tooting:

I’ve had work accepted at r.kv.r.y quarterly.


r.kv.r.y “Friends and Family” issue.

And I’ve had work accepted at Stealing Time: A Literary Magazine for Parents.  (You can read my review of their very first Genesis issue here.)


Stealing Time “Genesis” cover.

AND I’ve had work accepted at (more…)

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crystal-ballSo I asked the Bibliomancy Oracle what to do about my writing career — pursue essay, biography, teaching, what?  And it replied:

Gotta find a way around those young cats.

This is from the poem “OL’ MAN STRENGTH” by Derrick Weston Brown.  You can (scroll down and) read the whole poem here.

A little research revealed that (more…)

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Since the twins were born — nearly 22 months ago — I’ve been living in the present.  I can’t fret too much about what the future holds when each day is crammed with so many challenges and triumphs — both theirs as growing homo sapiens and mine as a mother and a writer.  Many of my friends have praised this living-in-the-present, some even calling it a spiritual practice.  That’s all been very nice — until I got sacked by a terrible head cold.

It’s “just” a cold, but a stubborn and lingering one.  And (more…)

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At last!  My piece, “Fluttering at the Margins,” is up on HER KIND, A BLOG POWERED BY VIDA: WOMEN IN LITERARY ARTS.  It’s about twins and bats and writing and parenting and biography and Facebook and becoming an essayist and the extinction of the dinosaurs.

It’s the piece I read at The Virginia Center for the Creative Arts last month:

Me reading at VCCA. Costarring: CHEEZ-ITS!  (Photo by Mary Akers.)

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